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Local boxers, Jermall Charlo and Jermell Charlo make a run for titles

After years of training and countless rounds in the ring, Jermell will be fighting for a title and Jermall is up and coming in the ranks.

See how their journey with legendary trainer Ronnie Shields has shaped up.

Jermell Charlo is passing his boxing skills to youngsters

Junior middleweight Jermell Charlo has been dominating in his boxing career, and now he is extending his knowledge, experience and love for the sport with his Charlo Amateur Boxing Program.  For over two years, Jermell Charlo, with the partnership with Plex, has been helping amateurs improve on their craft.  In that year Charlo’s boxers have made impressive gains.  And now, Charlo wants to grow his number of amateur boxers by offering a great offer, $100 off the monthly membership to the Charlo Boxing Program.

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Charlo Twins are 42-0 with 25 knockouts!

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Jermell Charlo and Bryan Vera push each other

Bryan Vera, who will be fighting Chavez, Jr. in March 1st, is working along side with Jermell Charlo to elevate their intensity in camp.  Bryan Vera, considered a heavy hitter, will also be sparring with Jermell, leading into his Jan. 25 bout.


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Charlo Twins are 42-0 with 25 knockouts!

This is the same shirts Jermell and his corner team (Ronnie Shields & Danny Arnold) wore in their last bout -vs- Rosado.


Jermell Charlo Helps Corbin Fight Cancer!

Jermell Charlo, with the large effort coming from Boxing Socialist writer Kelsey McCarson, takes part in a fund-raising sparring session versus Kelsey McCarson. 

For the past months, sports writer Kelsey McCarson has been working really hard to raise money for Corbin Glasscock, a 6 year old that was diagnosed with bone cancer. Kelsey has been training hard leading up to the day that he feels would help the most in raising funds for Corbin, and that day was today. Today he got in the ring with undefeated pro boxer for 4 rounds, with Corbin and his family watching. The sparring, covered by several media outlets, will help Kelsey raise more funds for Corbin. Great Job Kelsey, Jermell and Corbin!

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Charlo Twins are 42-0 with 25 knockouts!

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